Congratulations ALPES as exclusive agent YKK AP aluminum products in Da Nang

ALPES is a company specialized in green architecture array design. Current ALPES is the exclusive agent for the distribution of YKK AP in Danang. YKK AP products supplier specializing in aluminum construction materials and industrial 100% from Japan with products distributed exclusively-designed styling and powerful configuration.


YKK AP is one of the affiliated company YKK group, was established in September 24 years 1988.YKK stands Yoshida Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha’s, by Tadao Yoshida was established in 1934 while the AP is the name written off of Architectural Products.

YKK AP officially bring aluminum doors and large glass-aluminum wall systems in Vietnam. Products YKK AP is applied in high-rise buildings, architectural forms of hi-tech, need space and views of large office building commercial centers, buildings … because aluminum material with load lightweight, good strength, water tightness, sound insulation, air tightness, wind resistance, color fastness standards for hardness and high aesthetics.

These products YKK AP basic products include synchronized aluminum products: windows, doors, facades …

The advantages of Japanese products YKK AP aluminum doors:

Products NEXSTA (NEXT STAGE) designed specifically for the market of Southeast Asia, based on environmental studies in this area, such as weather, climate, lifestyle, current needs:

+ Water tightness

+ Air tightness

+ Soundproof

+ Wind Resistance

+ Large aperture

+ Safety and protection

+Color fastness

Door types of NEXSTA:

+ Slide folding door

+ Ventilation door for the kitchen

+ EXHIDO door

+ Sliding doors

+ horizontal open door, open tossed

+ Fixed cell

+ Doors

Images of some buildings use the YKK AP aluminum door tại Việt Nam:




“YKK AP and ALPES GDB cooperate with each other in the hope that architectural products of ALPES will be more complete and meet the criteria of Green Building, the sustainable development strategies of the company in the future. Said Ho Chi, director of ALPES.”.