Villa A12 – Ho Chi Minh

Location: Quận 2, Ho Chi Minh

Client:  Nguyen Thi Thu

Area: 1.335 m2

Status:  Detail design

The house in a luxury villa in District 2, consisting of 99 apartments in Lan Anh Village. Situated on the banks of the Saigon River and modern. The work consists of 3 floors and basement, roof

5H-A12 Villas

Living room / 1st floor

2H-A12 Villas

Dining Room / Floor 1

1H-A12 Villas

Living room / 2nd Floor

3H-A12 Villas

Bedroom sons / 2nd Floor

6H-A12 Villas

Bedroom daughter / 3nd Floor

9H-A12 Villas

Bathrooms daughter / 3nd Floor

7H-A12 Villas


8H-A12 Villas


4H-A12 Villas

Perspective front