Cham Oasis Condotels

Location : Nha Trang

Client: Hai Đao

Area : 14.648m2

Status: Basic design

Achievement: First prize

When referring to champa, no one can forget the graceful, charming and passionate dance of the Cham girls in the ancient temple in the mountains.
So the apartment-hotel project uses soft curves of dance as the main language for the design, this solution both expresses the subtle metaphorical values of the traditional Cham culture, Modern shape create strong symbol for the building.

8HT-Oasis Cham Condotel

 Cham Oasis Hotel – Nha Trang

The facade of the building is used by the traditional brick-and-mortar bricklaying of the Champa people to make the main idea, expressing tradition and unity with the relic population, but not overlapping with the past.The work has used the ‘ton sur ton’ method for building materials.  “Bronze with Stone” and “Wood with Brick”, so wood material is used mainly for building to create a warm brown- yellow- red color, as well as wood, brick materials close to the user when viewed from the outside of the building.

13HT-Oasis Cham Condotel

Cham Oasis Hotel – Nha Trang

11HT-Oasis Cham Condotel

Cham Oasis Hotel – Nha Trang

1HT-Oasis Cham Condotel

Cham Oasis Hotel – Nha Trang

12HT-Oasis Cham Condotel

Interior space 1st floor

Apartment can convert functional from house to hotel.Therefore, the organization of the interior, the flat space from the area used, the space used, the circulation, equipment .., must meet both business functions. Minimize the change in the interior of the apartment when there is a change such as the kitchen, laundry area must be minimized to prioritize the other space.In addition, the building must provide additional support functions for residents when needed such as laundry, texting, printing, internet.

2HT-Oasis Cham Condotel

Furniture bedroom apartment

3HT-Oasis Cham Condotel

 Living room of 1 bedroom apartment

4HT-Oasis Cham Condotel

Interior of living room 1 bedroom apartment

5HT-Oasis Cham Condotel

Living room of 2 bedroom apartment

6HT-Oasis Cham Condotel

Interior of living room 1 bedroom aparment