S House – Da Nang

Location: Nguyen Huu Tho, Da Nang

Client: Nguyen Bao Son

GFA: 750 m2

Project year: 01/2015

Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki


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- Broadcasted on  the program Green Space – VTV3 (2016)

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The mission of Ho Khue Architects (ALPES Green Design & Build) Office is reconnecting people and nature. Changing their environment with innovative and healthy designs changes their perspective and improves their living conditions and lives.


The house is horizontal like other urban houses.  It also goes back from the street 35 meters.  Allowing light to the center and providing ventilation to all areas of the building was a major concern. This was solved by creating a center zone of hanging gardens consisting of these Five Elements: Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and “Metal”.  This is reminiscent of the old houses in Hoi An Ancient Town






All of the family’s activity and space is centered around and adjoins the central plantings and hanging garden such as: reception, dining, fitness, chatting, reading, and resting.  This Open Central Area effectively allows the maximum amount of natural light and air for all rooms.   It is a very effective way to establish green trees and plantings along the walls.  Natural rain is allowed to provide water and natural air to this central core for a cooler environment and humidity that plants need to thrive.


A really enjoyable and multi-use area is the “family sky park”, where kids can run around in the green grass and cool air.  A small corner of the park is a fragrant garden or vegetables for dinner. Space for childhood memories prior to urbanization.  There is room for recreation, relaxing, barbeques, and enjoying the cool night air and sky.  This rooftop green area provides cooling for the house plus recreational choices.


Sumo House – Đà Nẵng