Congratulations ALPES DB nearing completion work green houses in Danang

By the end of 2015, ALPES DB will be completing a green building project, using LOTUS tools (VGBC) to guide the design. Apart from energy saving and water saving factors, such as lighting solutions, natural ventilation, energy saving and water saving technologies. The whole house will be covered with green grass and shrubs directly on the concrete floor. In addition, the project will have the idea of ​​materials to protect the natural environment by the whole wall. The exterior and interior are covered by 50mm x 2000mm concrete slabs which are self-made at the base of the building to replace waterborne or ceramic tiles on the market.

Sumo House expected house will be put into use before the Lunar New Year Year Of Hare, Danang will add a green house contributes to urban development of the city for the environment.

The project consists of 4 floors and 1 basement, with an area of ​​about 700m2 floor.

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Mặt sau công trình nhìn về hướng Sân bay
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Phòng tắm chính
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Phòng tắm chính
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Sân thượng tầng 3, sử dụng làm vườn trên mái kết hợp các không gian nghĩ ngơi cho gia đình
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Một góc không gian uống trà tại tầng 3 nhìn ra vườn trên mái và mảng tường sử dụng ốp vật liệu tấm bê tông tự sản xuất
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Mảng tường sử dụng vật liệu bê tông tự sản xuất, ốp tường phòng ngủ chính

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