Green design for home level 4

ALPES DB has completed construction of the M House under construction design trends Green.

With the following criteria:

- Năng lượng: Energy: Reduce energy consumption

- Nước: Water: Reduce water consumption

- Vật liệu: Material: Reduce consumption of materials consumed a lot of energy in the production process

- Sinh thái: Ecology: Protecting ecosystems housing area and surrounding areas, and biodiversity

- Sức khỏe và tiện nghi: Health and amenities: Ensuring environment inside a home by taking advantage of the maximum natural lighting, overlooking open, optimize air quality in housing and ensure thermal comfort and noise reduction .

- Cộng đồng: Community: Respect the cultural value and facilitate the ability of the elderly to use

12H-M House

3H-M House

15H-M House