Không gian xanh giữa khu phố Đặng Thai Mai – Đà Nẵng

ALPES has continued to win the contract for the construction of the Resort in House. With the “turnkey” package, this is also the third construction project of the company. The project is located on Dang Thai Mai street in the center of Da Nang city, designed with 3 floors and has a floor area of ​​about 240m2.

Nowadays, young couples tend to have more space in the open air associated with nature and more compact rooms. Desire to help homeowners and architects meet with many similarities about the idea of ​​architectural space architecture GREEN. In addition to the living room, the main idea of ​​the house is each floor has green space attached to the space, bringing the feeling of being in the resort, next door with a small area, but at the first floor has a family pool of 2.5mx 9m. Wind, water and green trees have blended together, creating a space in the green heart of the city.

ALPES Green Design & Build is increasingly asserting its strength in the design of GREEN BUILDING architecture in the name of the company, creating a completely different but sustainable architecture that is consistent with the environment. I paint more architecture in Da Nang in particular and GREEN architecture in Vietnam in general.

Status of works