Garden House – Da Nang

Location: 678 Dien Bien Phu, Thanh Khe, Da Nang

Client: Dinh Ngoc Anh

GFA: 600 m2

Project year: 01/2017


- Was posted up the Journal of Asian architecture ” BCI Asia “Architecture @ 16

- Be broadcast VTV3 – Khong gian Xanh 2016: https://www.youtube.com/ho-khue-alpes

- Published in the leading American archival network Archdaily: http://www.archdaily.com/garden-house-ho-khue-architects

- The posted Viet Nam prestigious magazine: www.vnexpress.net

Garden House

The façade of this 4 story home covered with trees and planter boxes with captures the imagination of people travelling on this very busy commercial road Dien Bien Phu near the recently completed overpass. The concrete slabs and rustic tiles are stacked close together with just enough trees growing to reduce dust and noise from the street. This offers natural and ongoing purification of the air inside the house.


Part gardens, skylights without roof so homeowners can contact the trees, feel the weather change over the impact of rain and sun


This solution would be naturally light and dry, to ensure less dense sunlight and dry

Garden House1

Before building new accommodation, the landlord share, they want to escape life in townhouse the dusty and humid

Garden House2

On the 3rd floor, parents bedroom and living room are connected by a lovely little garden

Garden House3

The house is situated on a land area of ​​narrow width (4 meters) long and nearly 40 meters, a zigzag in the middle. To ensure lighting and natural ventilation to the tube is too long, the architect designed the house into two blocks connected by a green garden in the crease area

Garden House8

Beautiful bridges connect the two blocks through corridors landscaped with trees and decorative brick. This centralized open garden area allows breathing and ventilation throughout the house in addition to allowing natural light into all rooms

Garden House4

The house is a “Green House” because of design solutions for natural ventilation and cooling, natural lighting, green trees and plants covering the entire house and roof. Environmentally friendly materials like unburned brick, concrete slabs, natural stone, and plantings produce a beautiful and strong surface


Complete house just as the wishes of the owner of a modern living space, gently in the house looked everywhere to see blue. The designers have named the house is “Gardens in the City”"

Garden House9

The backside house bordered by large sun must receive west, north wind. Therefore, architect Ho Khue same design group Design & Build Green ALPES offer solutions covering brickwork hole geometry prevents breaking rain