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Philosophy in Design:
"For more than 10 years pursuing the sustainable and creative style of architects, we always mix up the feeling of joy and anxiety, whenever it is a big resort or a cozy house.

It's full of joy when we have the chance to contribute to the society great works of architecture.

It's full of anxiety because we acknowledge that the price will be high if we keep on satisfying with normal design.

A building may become a legacy in the future, and it contains its own story. We always keep these things in mind and let them guide us to move forward."

Architect Ho Khue


Principal Architects


Ho Khue is the founder of ALPES Green Design & Build Company, Chief Architect and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ALPES Green Design and Build.
Ho Khue also co- founded  ARDOR Architects along with Architect Nguyen Bac Vu in Ho Chi Minh City. He has been the Design Director of the ARDOR since 2005 to 2013


Certificates and Diplomas

2002: Architect, Ho Chi Minh Architectural University
2010: Professional C.E.O Certificate, PACE Institute of Directors
2012: International Masters of Project Management, AIT Institute Thailand
2012: ISO Certification of Qualified 
Management Systems of Massbiz, Thailand.


Media and Events

2022: Speaker at the scientific seminar "Urban Architecture facing challenges of sustainable development" organized by Danang University of Science and Technology and the Danang Architects Association

2022: Honored to be featured on the Korean architectural publication Masilwide to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Korea - Vietnam friendship 

2022: Participated in the Judging board of "2021 Outstanding works of Nhà Đẹp Collection"

2022: Featuring on a video series of ‘Living Spaces” on VNExpress e-newspaper through projects: Thalia Boutique Hotel, Babylon Garden Spa, The Concrete House

2021: Guest speaker of VTV3 – “Net xanh trong kien truc” (The green in architecture) through two artworks "Chốn An Nhiên" and "The Green Peace Village"

2020: Board of Judge in Designathon, The VII Festival of Vietnam Architectural Student 

2020: Guest speaker of VTV3 – “Net xanh trong kien truc” (The green in architecture) through two artworks "The Concrete House" and "Contryside ambience House"

2019: Participated in Community Project “Apologize Vietnam” by Vietnam - Korea Peace Foundation, designed playing field for school".

2019: Board of the judge - Loa Thanh Award, VAA. 

2019: Speaker at Forum: Countryside's house, to kickstart the "Countryside's house" competition. VAA.
2018: Guest speaker of VTV3 – “Net xanh trong kien truc” (The green in architecture) through two artworks “The Modern Village Office” and Skytree hotel (SOHO) with 12 floors
2017: Guest speaker of FACE 2017 – National Forum of Young Architect in Thai Nguyen.
2017:  Invited to the international exhibition of 100 architects in Asia.
2017: Chosen in top 21 architects to be published in Contemporary Green Architects of Vietnam.
2015-2016: Ho Khue recently appeared as the guest of "Green Spaces" Program on VTV3 showcasing four of his buildings: M House, Sumo House, Resort in House, and Garden House (Da Nang)
2010- 013: Ho Khue was the guest speaker at the third international event "Tall Buildings”, held in Ho Chi Minh and Danang by the IQPC Organization, Singapore.
2008: Đông Tăng Long Social House located in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City was featured in BCI Asia Magazine.



2022: Silver Winner in Best Hospitality Design for Majestic Rose Sapa Hotel and Gold Winner in Best Commercial Design for Thalia Boutique Hotel at VMARK AWARDS 2022

2022: B Prize in Danang 4th Literature & Art Awards

2020: Runner-Up Rethinking The Future Architecture Awards (India),  The Green Peace Village 

2020:  Architecture MasterPrize Award (US), The Green Peace Village 

2020: Best Hotel Architecture - Propertguru Awards (Singapore), M Garden City Hotel

2020: Silver Award -  Vietnamese Green Architecture Award - VAA, The Green Peace Village

2019: Green Good Design Award (US), The Concrete House

2019: Green Good Design Award (US), The Green Peace Village

2018: In the shortlist of WAF – Worldwide architecture festival in office category.
2018: A award – Creating and following Ho Chi Minh's lifestyle - Central propaganda and training commission
2018: Green Leadership Futurarc 18 Award– BCI Asia
2018: Excellent Alumni Award – AIT Thailand.
2017: Special award in “Dreamhouse competition”, “Pinwheel housing” work.
2017: Bronze award, National architecture prize for "Resort in house”.
2017: Outstanding young architect award - National Architect award.
2011: First Prize for Danang BIDV Tower Design Contest in Danang
2010: First Prize of INDIRA GANDHI- Residen al and Commercial Building Design Contest in Ho Chi Minh City
2010: First Prize for the design of INTRESCO PLAZA Trade- Service- Office Building- Apartment Center, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City
2006: The third prize of "Social House", Prime Architecture Awards held by Architecture Magazine and Prime Group.
2005: Second Prize of "Designing Apartments for People” Contest held by City People's Committee and the Ho Chi Minh Construction Department
2001: Awarded Best Street Design at the Architectural Talent and Creativity Contest held by Ho Chi Minh Architecture University.