Green space in the neighborhood Dang Thai Mai – Da Nang City

ALPES has continued to win the contract for the construction of the Resort in House.With the package “turnkey”, this is the 3rd construction works in the company. Works located in Dang Thai Mai Street downtown Da Nang city, designed with 3 floors and has a floor area of ​​about 240m2 to use.

Currently the young couples tend to desire in an airy space with natural associated streamlining of premises and more compact. Duyen propelled homeowners and architects met with many similarities in architectural design idea of ​​green space. In addition to the functions of rooms to meet their daily needs, the dominant idea of ​​the house as each floor has a green space attached to the room space, giving the feeling like being in a resort area, next that difference stayed home despite the small area, but at the 1st floor pool 2,5m x 9m wide family. Key elements sun, wind, water and trees were intertwined, creating a green space in the heart of the city.

ALPES Green Design & Build is increasingly asserting its strengths in designing architectural works GREEN correct the name of the company, creating the architecture is completely different but suitable sustainable environment, contributing add architectural paint GREEN Da Nang in particular and Vietnam GREEN architecture in general.

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