Director Vietnam representative office Tadayuki Kawamata visited the showroom YKKAP ear Danang

Danang YKKAP showroom was established in May 2015, showroom display at 586 Nguyen Huu Tho Da Nang, an exhibition space Aluminum Products Fine art from Japan. Only a short time Danang Showroom YKK AP has received the attention of customers in the central region, especially customers in Da Nang.

The current trend homeowners have started interested in the product quality to enhance the quality of life for the nest alone and aluminum glass doors Japan YKK AP has met over the expected criteria of the home by the certainty of the product, detailed sophistication of accessories and flawless beauty of every type of door.

That has been proven through the door YKKAP works such as sample room Hilton hotel – Bach, the Garden House- Dien Bien Phu, Villa Han Thuyen, House No.18 Bang Lang 5 Euro Village …

Last September, he Kawamata Japanese representative office director has visited Vietnam marked for YKK AP’s success in Danang. Affirming the YKK AP has always trust over the years more than 70 countries worldwide and Da Nang in particular and central general will have the opportunity to choose a product for aluminum doors quality for organizations her warm.

Cheers for ALPES exclusive distribution agent YKK AP products in Danang, had initially successful.

YKK AP Director Vietnam representative office wrote a few lines about human feeling, and working environments of Danang Showroom YKK AP

“Thank you for your arrangement with your staff hospitality to us today. It was so precious time we could have meeting with you and your team this morning. It made me understand more deeply for your business condition and market condition of Danang. “


Giám đốc Kawamata bên trái và Giám đốc Hồ Khuê bên phải hình ảnh cùng đội ngũ nhân viên ALPES