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Architect Ho Khue is honored to participate in the Korean architectural publication to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Korea - Vietnam friendship

Thứ năm, 07/07/2022, 12:15 GMT+7

The year 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the relationship between Vietnam and Korea in the field of architecture and culture. In the light of this meaningful event, the popular architecture and culture magazine from Korea Masilwide had a series of articles introducing 10 renowned Vietnamese architects. Architect Ho Khue is honored to be featured in the article published in 493 edition.

With the title:"Green architecture in service of the people", the article expresses the trendy sustainable architectural style, which ALPES and Arch. Ho Khue is continuously pursuit. We want to show our sincere appreciation for MasilWide and hope that the friendship between two country will be long lasting.





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