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"Wings Art" Artistic Exhibition Center

"Wings Art" Artistic Exhibition Center
"Wings Art" Artistic Exhibition Center
Idea Sketch


"Wings Art" Artistic Exhibition Center was born from the desire of the local people to have a space to exhibit valuable works of art, an ideal place for artists in the region, as well as to enhance the perception of artistic value for the citizens.

The work is inspired by the image of seagull wings, which is a familiar image of Da Nang's sea. The highlight feature of the project is the flexible, curving concrete frame structure, which creating tenderness for the project. The roof is covered with a green carpet with many native trees combined with a reinforced concrete walkway in the air, helping people to experience the atmosphere and zoom out to the landscape. around the sports center.

The project will bring artistic inspiration, become an attractive destination, contribute a green space, a highlight for the urban spatial architecture of Da Nang city.
















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