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The Concrete House won the 2020 Green Good Design Awards (USA)

Thứ bảy, 22/08/2020, 19:29 GMT+7

Project Description


The Concrete House is a 4-storey house with a plot area of 5m x 16m. The site is located in Son Tra near Da Nang beach. Growing tourism in the city has enabled the growth of hospitality high-rises which has led to low-density structures deteriorating faster than regional structures. These changes are creating topographical changes creating imbalanced soil and high salinity levels in air and land. Therefore, a complete concrete solution for the house is considered to cope with the regional climatic conditions.

- MATERIAL: Monolithic concrete structures often has complex construction processes that require good workmanship with quality and time. It needs careful, fine-tuned structural & technical coordination amongst the involved parties. In order to synchronize all the exposed concrete surfaces like wall, floor & ceiling the concrete house uses grindstone material "granite", one of the popular material in traditional Vietnamese houses in the 80s, made with few skilled workers.

- FORM: The volumetric form of the structure is derived from a "box", the idea of architectural cubes is evolved from the playful imaginations of children’s LEGO game and each floor is commensurate with ‘stacked’ and ‘sliding’ box block. These boxes help in creating simple, powerful and fun architectural shapes. Many voids and open spaces within the box make the space look wider and larger giving human comfort. This architectural solution contributes to changing the mindset of mainstream and boring rigid block building house in the current urban housing scenario.

- SPACE: The combination of improvised concrete ‘boxes’ create a flexible, airy space inside the house carving large atrium to bring natural greens inside. Less walls and big volumes encourage natural light and wind circulations. All spaces are connected with corridor bridges & stairs linking the rooms. Central atrium formed also encourages visually and verbal communications within the house connecting family members.


Source: Good Design Award



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