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VTV3 crew started filming the projects of Architect Ho Khue

Thứ hai, 05/04/2021, 09:51 GMT+7

VTV3 crew started filming the projects of Architect Ho Khue

In Da Nang for the past few days, the media partner of VTV3 Vietnam Television has started researching, locating and filming outstanding projects of architect Ho Khue. This is the 4th time that the green architecture projects of Ho Khue and the Alpes team have been chosen by VTV3 to broadcast, expected the latest episodes with many different topics such as "building a house facing west", "handling green space in the area of ​​townhouses”… will be on air in the next few weeks.

On April 2nd, the crew expressed their interest in the project “Chon An Nhien”. This is a prominent house, has been published by many newspapers and television stations and is now the highlight of the luxury urban area in Da Nang. The house has a total land area of ​​300 square meters, the facade facing the Northwest - facing the fierce sunlight in the central summer, but architect Ho Khue chose a smart design plan to reduce the sunlight directly into the house, giving homeowners a space worth living. After 2 years in use, the owner has expressed absolute satisfaction with this project, and wishes to choose Ho Khue in future projects.

Mr. Ho Khue is featured in the show
Green scenery take


Impressive not-burnt-to-the-kiln brick
Connected hall is cover with plants
The building density is 100% for green plants


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