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Al Sahil Stripmall

Al Sahil Stripmall
Al Sahil Stripmall

Located in Akhobar, Saudi Arabia, the Squares Landmark Al Sahil mall will become a landmark for regional architecture. Squares Landmark Al Sahil is designed and built with the goal of becoming a place to attract people and bring life to the Al Sahil district area.

The project is a complex of 5 circular tower blocks, fully integrating the modern functions of an entertainment center and an outdoor area with a lively and attractive landscape. The main building blocks are connected with each other by a hollow lightweight alloy roof shell, winding around the building like the desert sand dunes of West Asia. This cover contributes to the impressive urban architectural image of the area.

Architect Ho Khue shared about this unique international architectural project: “With a different architectural shape, the use of sustainable and climate-adapted materials, and unique public spaces, We have combined the above elements to create the iconic Squares Landmark Al Sahil.” The project promises to become an attractive destination, an interesting architectural attraction for local residents as well as international tourists.










  • Location:
    AlSahil district, Saudi Arabia
  • Status:
    Conceptual design
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