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Saha Casa Boutique

Saha Casa Boutique
Saha Casa Boutique

Saha Casa Boutique is located on Morrison street - the heart of the coastal city of Da Nang. The project will be a complex of hotels and apartments for rent with a scale of 12 rooms, promising to be an attractive destination in the gradually revived tourist season.

The attraction of the building comes from the architectural lines developed based on structures from nature. Inspired by the image of caves, Saha Casa Boutique has flexible opening and closing spaces, evoking emotions of curiosity and excitement. The main architectural form for the building will be provided by soft arches and windows, opening corridors, and walkways with views of many delicately arranged green plant patches.

Saha Casa Boutique has a strong desert tone, helping the building to stand out in the area landscape. That contrast also comes from the materials of the building. The design team consulted to use granite terrazzo, a traditional and environmentally friendly material. The oilstone is completed with spikes on the surface, combined with strong colors, which will bring an impressive exterior to the building.

Through Saha Casa Boutique, ALPES wants to convey a casual, nature-oriented architectural style and create a unique image for Danang coastal urban architecture.














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