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Majestic Rose Sapa Hotel

Majestic Rose Sapa Hotel
Majestic Rose Sapa Hotel

Located in Sapa, Northwestern mountainous area, Vietnam, with an altitude of 1800m, always surrounded by mysterious floating clouds, The Majestic Rose Hotel will come into view with a humble architectural beauty, quietly blending into the majestic beauty of the mountains and forests.

The Majestic Rose Hotel will portray the pristine traditional architecture of the Hmong with many timeless materials such as the golden brown wall, gray double tiled roof, stone fence from Dong Van plateau, walls by worn wood.

From the top view, The Majestic Rose Hotel looks like a string of silk curling up into a headdress, an indispensable important item of traditional Hmong attire. This image also represents the traditional handmade weaving craftsmanship in the Northwestern area.

The unique feature of the hotel is the circular plan with the solution of the side corridor facing inside the central garden, maximizing the view of a romantic scene from nature for all 179 hotel rooms

The Majestic Rose Hotel, not only gives customers a luxury resort experience but also creates a new architectural spot for Sapa – A Sapa “Ancient” Rose.






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